Singing and Playing

I play percussion and tin whistle with The Bang On The Wall Band. I also play a little on the Anglo concertina. I enjoy singing traditional and not so traditional folk songs. I started, and still help to run The Poppy Folk Club in the Lady Bay Area of West Bridgford, Nottingham. I also attend a number of music sessions and other folk clubs, singarounds, etc.

I always enjoyed singing at school. We also used to sing in the car on long trips on holiday or visiting family. I never really knew anything about the amazing folk music scene though until I started getting into singing again when I joined The Sealed Knot Society. After a battle reenactment we would invariably retire to a pub somewhere and singing would usually be a big part of the evening. I discovered first Irish then English folk music when looking for some different material to sing. This then led me to discover folk clubs, and eventually morris dancing, ceilidhs and barn dances.