Woodside Dale

This is a dance written in the style of a Northwest morris dance, but is simpler than most morris dances, as the intention was that it be used for audience participation. I was on holiday, staying in a cottage called Woodside in the village of Dale in Pembrokeshire when I put this dance together, hence the name.

Sergeant Musgraves Dance used to be in the habit of ending a dancing out session with the dance Clitheroe, which has always been a great favourite of the side, and quite a showy dance, so a good finisher. Whenever an ex-member of the side was around, or other experienced dancers we would often invite them to join us for this dance, as it is also one that is easily adapted for more than 8 dancers. At some point this got extended to occasionally inviting members of the audience to join in. This was all great fun, but some of the dancers felt that they would like to perform this dance properly as a normal Musgraves set more often, and so I was asked if I could come up with a dance suitable for audience participation.