Long Bunnington

When I 'discovered' the notes for the long lost Long Bunnington morris dancing tradition, I thought it would be great to try the dances out with The Bunnies From Hell.

I organised a full day workshop to try out all the dances that I had managed to piece together. Although it was hard work, and some of the dancers were ready to drop by the end of the day, we managed to try all the dances, and with only a few very minor tweaks they all seemed to work reasonable well and should be perfectly possible to dance out. Unfortunately, because Bunnies only dance out a few times a year, and only meet once annually for practice there hasn't been enough time really to get these dances fully up to standard, although we have performed a couple of them out a few times.

I will upload the full notation and more background history for the dances here shortly, so please check back. In the meantime contact me if you need the notes.