Little Willow

I used this dance for the first time at Chippenham Folk Festival in the dance callers workshop (which was led by Rhodri Davies and Madeleine Smith) and again at the New Callers Showcase dance. It seemed to go down very well, and several people were kind enough to say they liked the dance very much. The dance features a 4-couple strip-the-willow which (though I say so myself) I think is quite a clever thing to get into a dance with only three couples! I would be interested to know if anyone else has come up with this idea, as I have never seen it done before. The dance as originally written starts with set right and left twice, but when I called it at Chippenham, I did set and turn single instead. This gives it more of an English than a Scottish feel, but I think worked better for the more experienced dancers at this event.

This dance was written when I was thinking about putting together some simple Scottish style dances for calling at wedding ceilidhs, as many of the traditional Scottish reels can be a bit on the difficult side for some beginners to pick up. I had also been thinking about getting some more 3 couple dances which can be useful when you are struggling to get enough people up to dance. As it happens, this particular dance ended up being perhaps a little too complex for total beginners.