Ceilidh and Barn Dances

I have written a number of dances some of which I use when calling for ceilidhs and barn dances. I love dances that are fairly simple but great fun to do, but occasionally I get an idea for a more complex dance.

Here is a selection:

  • Little Willow
  • Mrs. Forbes Square Set
  • Phil's Hat Mash
  • Whirly Girl
  • Banana Split
  • Daft Circle Dance
  • The Sad Man
  • Speed The Reel of the 51st Plough Division
  • Swinging Set Reel
  • The Virginia Star
  • The Inverse Square Dance

Please come back when I have got round to uploading the notes for these dances. In the meantime if you would like the notes for any of these please do get in touch.