Leicestershire Morris Dancers

Hello and welcome to the Leicestershire (and Rutland) Morris Dancing Page. This page lists all the teams that I am aware of in Leicestershire.

Please note this is an old page from my old website. I have recently updated the links as some of them were no longer valid, but I am not actively maintaining this page. Your best choice for getting current details of morris sides in any particular area of the UK is to use the Morris Sidefinder website.

Anstey Morrismen
Anstey Royale Chalfont
Bare Bones
Black Annis
Braybrook Morris
Charnwood Clog
Hinckley Plough Bullockers
Jerusalem Jammers
Knighton Morris - in abeyance
Leicester Morris Men
Lutterworth Morris Men - in abeyance
Man Friday Morris - in abeyance
Mutineers - no website
New St. George Morris
Pennyroyal Garland
Rutland Morris Men
Way of the Wyrd

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